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@vmihailenco shared a post, 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Monitoring CPU/RAM/disk metrics with OpenTelemetry and Uptrace

OpenTeleletry Collector is an open source data collection pipeline that allows you to monitor CPU, RAM, disk, network metrics, and many more.

Collector itself does not include built-in storage or analysis capabilities, but you can export the data to Uptrace and ClickHouse, using them as a replacement for Grafana and Prometheus.

When compared to Prometheus, ClickHouse can offer small on-disk data size and better query performance when analyzing millions of timeseries.

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AWS DevOps Consultancy, Boldlink

An Overview of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Thinking of getting started with AWS cloud computing or migrating your existing workloads to AWS? Here is a quick guide on how the 5 pillars of AWS’s well-architected framework will help you build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for your workloads.So basically..

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8 Best Practices to Boost Your CI/CD Performance

This article discusses the best practices that boost your CI/CD performance and how each impacts your software development journey.

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Senior Software and Cloud Architect, IBM, Nordcloud

Common Performance Management Mistakes

In the figure above, you can see that the AKS cluster contains nodes that are represented as virtual machines under the hood. The Autoscaler is the main component here. It scales up the node count when the cluster is under high load. It also scales the node down to a standard size when the cluster i..