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Marketing, Wildcard

Wildcard officially becomes owner and collaborator of Babelfish

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String Manipulation in Python: A Comprehensive Guide


As a software developer, you will be dealing with strings quite regularly.

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Getting started with K8s in 2022


Kubernetes has been around for almost 7 years as of 2022. While its ecosystem has evolved with a plethora of fantastic resources in the form of documentation (shameless self-plug, I know), blogposts, videos, podcasts, and courses, there still is a pretty high entry level barrier if you’re entirely new to it. A majority of the questions I’ve received are around the very first step to be taken while learning and what is a good way to get started. This is a compilation I wish I had when I got started and I hope you find it useful.

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Detect crashes in your Kubernetes cluster using kwatch and Slack


Monitor all changes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster & detects crashes in your running apps in real time

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AWS launches new EC2 instance type for high performance computing tasks

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Getting Started with Docker Containers pt.2


This blog post is a continuation of this blog post where I attempted to give an introduction of Microservices and Docker containers. In this post we are going to delve deeper into Docker containers and get hands-on practice which should give a better understanding.

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Getting Started With Docker Containers


Every once in a while a new paradigm shift comes along that changes or brings another approach to the way software development is done. The “new” paradigm shift I will be talking about in this article is Containers.

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Software Engineer, Infonal

Spring Boot Fullstack Blockchain Application With Hyperledger Fabric running on Kubernetes (Part 6) — Orderer


Hello everyone, through this article series we will the Hyperledger Fabric integration with Spring Boot.In this article, we will look into ordered. Also,I will also explain how to deploy orderer service on Kubernetes.

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Concept Hierarchy

In data we can visualize relationships in a hierarchical structure. As scientists our goal is to not only understand the data, but more importantly we want to be able to visualize the connections between pieces of information.

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Site Reliability Engineer, PhonePe

#1 What's Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] | Roles & Responsibilities | Technologies involved

Site Reliability Engineering, also popularly referred to as the SRE, is a role in Computer Science Engineering where the main purpose is to provision, maintain, monitor, and manage the infrastructure in order to provide maximum application uptime and reliability. SRE is an emerging role, but the tasks that the SRE does were always there ever since the first application that was developed. The scope of the software developers ends where they write code to develop the application and right from setting up the infrastructure, the various services that run on them, the network connectivity that is required, providing a platform for the application to run and making sure every part of the application is up and running reliably 24x7 is the duty of an SRE. In fact, we can consider Site Reliability Engineers are the strong bridge between the users and a reliable application.