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How Netflix Works

CassandraAmazon ELBAmazon S3KafkaMySQL

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite content streaming service?

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Blue-Green Deployment Explained

This article discusses what the blue-green deployment strategy is, its pros and cons, and its best use cases. We’ll also expound on how it handles traffic and the database during migration.

The Blue-Green Deployment Strategy
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Mobile and IoT Security Strategies in the Cloud

DockerAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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An Introduction to Amazon Aurora Serverless for Beginners

Amazon Web Services

When and how to use Amazon Aurora Serverless databases?

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How to Use Custom Domain Names inside AWS VPCs

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon EC2Python

Use your company-specific domain names instead of default AWS assigned domain names for EC2 instances inside VPCs.

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GitOps: This Is What You Need to Know - Part I


On a chilly November morning in 2020, it's GitOps Days, and we heard Alexis Richardson via Video Conferencing speak. Git allowed us to do Cloud-native development. It gave us the tooling for a distributed source control, continuous integration, container image distribution, and others.

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Recursion Simplified


At first look, the above picture looks like a tree data structure, which it is but we not discussing Trees today but the magic tool known as recursion.

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Docker, Containerization, and It’s Weirdness


This article is written for part of the Software Engineering Project course in University of Indonesia. Any information put here may or may not be complete and should not be used as youronlyguideline.

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Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy

Anatomy (anatomē) is branch of Biology that has concern about the organism’s structure. The word of Anatomy comes from Greek words “ana” means up and “tome” means cutting. Key practice of medicine and other areas of health are to understand the Anatomy.

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How to SSH Into a Linux(Ubuntu) Server With a New User Using the Terminal


This is a simple beginner's tutorial where I will demonstrate how to ssh into an Ubuntu server with a new local user.