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How to Send Emails in Symfony with Examples

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DMARC Explained

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Your EBS Perfect Volume

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Difference Between Hard and Soft Bounce

“Your email failed to be delivered”. Again. Why? Even when you think you configured everything properly, there are various reasons why your email might bounce. Some might be really your fault but most of the time, it’s things out of your control that cause emails to come back in a matter of seconds. Let’s analyze each case one by one and talk about the difference between a hard bounce and a soft bounce.

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Intro to Transactional Emails

What makes for a beautiful experience of using a platform or an app? Interactive interfaces? Mind-blowing designs? Interesting copy? Maybe. But what most users really care about is getting stuff done —  quickly buying a product, easily launching a website, smoothly implementing a feature. Since it’s impossible to follow every user on every step of their customer journey, companies incorporate transactional emails to automate the processes. Let’s explore what these emails are really about and how to set yours up. 

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K8s cluster with each nodepool in a different provider

github.com/berops/claudie is an automation for spawning (and managing) multi-cloud clusters. It offers a vendor-lock free deployment and migration from one provider to another under full production load.