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7 Ways SRE Is Changing IT Ops And How To Prepare For Those Changes

SRE best practices are disrupting and catalyzing change in the ways organizations approach IT Operations. In this blog we look at 7 ways SRE is bringing this transition.

7 Ways SRE Is Changing IT Ops And How To Prepare For Those Changes
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Top 25 Distributed Databases

Apache IgniteCassandraCockroachDBCouchbaseetcd

Distributed databases help to store and query more securely and reliably. This article explores the best open source and commercial distributed databases to help you cater to growing data storage needs.

Flume in Switzerland
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Comparison of Cloud GPU Providers

Google Cloud PlatformAmazon Web ServicesAzure

Shifting focus from just video and gaming, GPU is now being adopted in many fields such as finance, health care, machine learning, data science, and other new fields like cryptomining. This makes it important to be available for use on the cloud for easy accessibility, especially now that companies move from on-premise infrastructure.

However, getting a hold of which cloud providers offer the best GPU service can be difficult, and this article tackles just that.

Black Gigabyte graphics card
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Infrastructure as Code: The Good, the Bad and the Future

Infrastructure as Code is a key element of most top performing engineering setups. It’s a big leap forward in the way Ops and Devs interact with their own infrastructure. Interestingly, many still disagree on its definition and best practices. This article will clearly describe IaC, looking at both the its great benefits and crucial limitations.

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Cloud Native Free Training and Certifications

GremlinProject CalicoGitLabMongoDBIstio

Below, I have prepared a list of free trainings from some organizations that are supporting the projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation:

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Spotify Backstage: Service Catalogs Explained

Service catalogs like Spotify Backstage are all the rage. In this article, we break down what they are and what you should think about, if your team is considering implementing one. We look at the limitations of service catalogs and how Internal Developer Platforms complement them to unlock true developer self-service.

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SigNoz - an open source alternative to Datadog, New Relic etc.

SigNoz is a full-stack open-source application monitoring and observability platform which can be installed within your infra. You can track metrics like p99 latency, error rates for your services, external API calls, and individual endpoints. SigNoz uses distributed tracing to gain visibility into your software stack.

Signoz - open source alternative to Datadog, New Relic etc.
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Top 7 Open Source AIOps Tools


AIOps is the use of artificial intelligence to make IT operations management simple, accelerate the time to solve IT operations problems by automating their resolution. This post lists the most popular AIOps open source tools.

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The CIO’s Guide to Kubernetes and Eventual Transition to Cloud-Native Development


Cloud-native has emerged as the gold standard of software development, revolutionizing the way we develop, deploy, and operate software applications at scale. For non-starters, cloud-native development goes beyond just signing up for a cloud vendor and influences the design, implementation, deployment, and operation of your application.

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GCP Vertex AI - For Me

Google Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud StorageGoogle Cloud Functions

Looking the Vertex AI GCP service through non experienced Machine Learning user

Vertex AI Training