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Deploy a GCloud instance with Gitlab CI

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How to deploy a CGE Instance with Gitlab CI using Terraform and Ansible

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Code Concurrency and two easy Fixes

RubyRuby on Rails
Title: Code Concurrency and two easy Fixes
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What Developers Think About GitHub Copilot

GitHub Pages

GitHub Copilot is a controversial developer assistant introduced to the public in June 2021. It has attracted a lot of controversies since then and this article shows some of what developers think about the supposed developer "pair programmer".

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Why Golang Is Widely Used in the DevOps and Cloud Native Space?


The Golang programming language has been rising to popularity in the DevOps community in recent years. The programming language happens to solve most problems DevOps professionals face with other programming languages.

The reasons and statistics of the increasing adoption are discussed in this article.

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Best practices for learning basic python syntax

Python has a wonderfully simple syntax, deceptively so, however do not mistake its simplicity for lack of power, for Python is a powerful language, but there are a few rules and your author is a very opinionated developer, at first do things his way, then, as you gain experience, you can develop your own ways and become just as opinionated, but if nothing else informed about the opinions of other developers and you can be an informed, opinionated developer!

First thing any developer new to Python must know, spaces in Python is significant and indentation controls the flow of the program, four space indentation, or one tab, but always insert spaces.

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Agile Conversations with Jeffrey Fredrick

In this episode of Semaphore Uncut, we welcome Jeffrey Fredrick, Co-Author of Agile Conversations, internationally recognized expert in software development, founder of the CITCON Conference.

Jeffrey Fredrick podcast
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Sending iOS Push Notifications via APNs

iOS Push Notifications via APNs
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Coming Soon: Brainarator - Self-paced, Interactive Learning for Developers, that Works

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An ultimate clarity compass for software engineering practices.

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Airflow High Available cluster - 2

Apache Airflow
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Building a Vagrant Box: Setting up your Environment

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