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History, Principles, and implementation of SRE

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#1 What's Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] | Roles & Responsibilities | Technologies involved

Site Reliability Engineering, also popularly referred to as the SRE, is a role in Computer Science Engineering where the main purpose is to provision, maintain, monitor, and manage the infrastructure in order to provide maximum application uptime and reliability. SRE is an emerging role, but the tasks that the SRE does were always there ever since the first application that was developed. The scope of the software developers ends where they write code to develop the application and right from setting up the infrastructure, the various services that run on them, the network connectivity that is required, providing a platform for the application to run and making sure every part of the application is up and running reliably 24x7 is the duty of an SRE. In fact, we can consider Site Reliability Engineers are the strong bridge between the users and a reliable application.

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What can SREs do to make holiday season’s peak traffic less chaotic?

Holiday season's peak traffic is the most challenging period for SREs and on-call engineers. In this blog, we have highlighted the things that SREs can do to make the holiday season less chaotic.

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Differences between Site Reliability Engineer Vs. Software Engineer Vs. Cloud Engineer Vs. DevOps Engineer

The evolution of Software Engineering over the last decade has lead to the emergence of numerous job roles. So how different is a Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer and a Cloud Engineer from each other? In this blog, we drill down and compare the differences between these roles and their functions.

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Upcoming trends in DevOps and SRE

DevOps and SRE are domains with rapid growth and frequent innovations. With this blog you can explore the latest trends in DevOps, SRE and stay ahead of the curve.

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How Squadcast Benefits On-call Engineers - Part 1

It is difficult to stay completely reliable in an always-on world. So it's very important to choose the right Incident Management solution that can solve your problems. In this blog, we have highlighted the benefits of Squadcast and why you should adopt it.

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Five Ways Developers Can Help SREs

Reliability is a team game. More the collaboration between Developers and SREs, greater will be the success of the product. In this blog, we have listed down the five best practices that developers can adopt, to make the SRE's life easier.

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Tips for Choosing the Right CI/CD Tools

CI/CD enables DevOps teams to go from development to production while tackling unexpected glitches. But, choosing the right CI/CD tool is always a challenge. In this blog, we have covered the tips that will help you select the right CI/CD tool for your team.

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7 Ways SRE Is Changing IT Ops And How To Prepare For Those Changes

SRE best practices are disrupting and catalyzing change in the ways organizations approach IT Operations. In this blog we look at 7 ways SRE is bringing this transition.

7 Ways SRE Is Changing IT Ops And How To Prepare For Those Changes