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The End of Atom

Developers keep on doing it great and breaking through different levels everyday, with their logic , algorithm and code, all together with an IDE or text editor, miracles are performed. An IDE? Ouff! I guess you'll ask me what is it? Stay back and don't be scared.

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Why does Chrome use so much RAM 😭?

Google, is one of the most appreciated and target institutes by the world developers community. The second most used browser after Opera chrome has been doing great with special features known by all. Before diving dip in our target, let's take a step aside and know first where we are found. https://yokwejuste.live/why-does-chrome-use-so-much-ram

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From Facebook to META

Hello, world! I guess we all have noticed the word META word on some of our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Welcome to the META world????.

Now, what's META all about?????

Meta is All About What You Can Expect in the Future.

The metaverse is where the physical and digital worlds come together. It is a space where digital representations of people using avatars created by you (the user)interact at work and play, meeting in their office, going to concerts, going to schools and many others, and even trying on clothes. Why not eat?