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Strategies for Kubernetes Cluster Administrators: Understanding Pod Scheduling

As the complexity of a Kubernetes cluster grows, managing resources such as CPU and memory becomes more challenging. Efficient pod scheduling is critical to ensure optimal resource utilization and enable a stable and responsive environment for applications to run in. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of pod scheduling, including optimization of resource allocation and balancing workloads.

Squadcast - Strategies for Kubernetes Cluster Administrators: Understanding Pod Scheduling

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What are Webhooks and why should developers use them?

Webhooks and APIs are a developer-friendly approach to building modern-day web applications. In this blog, we explain what a webhook is, do a detailed webhooks vs. API comparison, and explain why we recommend developers use them with Squadcast.


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Co-founder, Nebuly

Tutorial on Dynamic GPU Partitioning with MIG to Maximize the Utilization of GPUs in Kubernetes

Partitioning is a way to divide GPU resources into smaller slices. This allows Pods to be scheduled only on the memory/compute resources they actually need, thus increasing GPU utilization and reducing infrastructure costs in Kubernetes clusters.

nos, opensource to maximize GPU utilization in Kubernetes

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Introducing our open source SLO Tracker - A simple tool to track SLOs and Error Budget

Check out our open-source SLO tracker and set up your SLO's so that you can accurately track your error budgets. Automate your SRE, with Squadcast's SLO tool!

squadcast .webp

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What are Network Operation Centers (NOC) and how do NOC teams work?

In highly competitive markets, businesses have to strive hard to be always available & operational. Hence businesses invest heavily in dedicated Network Operations Centers (NOC) that constantly monitor the performance of an organization’s IT resources. In this blog, we will explore NOC and its importance.

Incident Management and SRE

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Demystifying Kubernetes RBAC

The more prominent and complex Kubernetes deployments become, the more important it is to define strict access controls and tighter security. In this blog, Kasun has explained how RBAC can be implemented in Kubernetes clusters to restrict user permissions to relevant resources only.


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Introduction to Automation Testing Strategies For Microservices

The complex nature of Microservices architecture requires a systematic testing strategy to ensure end-to-end (E2E) testing for any given use case. This blog explains some of the most adopted automation testing strategies with the help of the Testing Triangles for Microservices.

Automation Testing Strategies For Microservices

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System Engineer, azfiber

AWS services 101: A tour of popular AWS services and how to use them


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services for building, deploying, and managing applications on the cloud. AWS was one of the first cloud computing platforms and has since become the largest and most popular, with millions of customers around the world.


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@huseyni shared a post, 2 months, 3 weeks ago
System Engineer, azfiber

Kubernetes Best Practices: 10 Tips for Running Smooth, Efficient Clusters

Kubernetes is a powerful and popular tool for managing containerized applications in the cloud. It allows you to deploy and scale your applications with ease, providing a consistent and reliable platform for running your workloads. However, as with any complex system, it’s important to follow best p..


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What are Runbooks? And why are they needed?

Runbooks are documented procedures for the maintenance and upgrades of systems. Leverage runbooks during incident response. Save your team's invaluable time. Learn more.

What are runbook