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Significant energy savings with Cloud migrations

Since crude fuel is one of the main sources of power production, an increase in fuel prices would almost certainly result in an increase in the price of electricity. According to the UK House of Commons, energy costs rose by 54% in April 2022 and were projected to rise by an additional 80% in Octobe..


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AWS Cost Explorer - A window into Cost Optimization

To understand the costs associated with the hundreds of AWS Services available, one must have visibility and an operational overview of the cost of running services. AWS Cost Explorer provides valuable tools and insights to see the cost of running infrastructure in AWS.With the data available with f..

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AWS Cost Optimization — Lifecycle rules for s3

The key to cost optimization with AWS S3 is understanding and utilizing the various S3 instance classes based on your use cases. Adding lifecycle policies that automatically move data from the most expensive storage to the cheapest will dramatically reduce your AWS Spending and begin the path to bei..

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Your EBS Perfect Volume

SummaryThe Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) when used with EC2 can power durable, secure, performant applications with unlimited scale. AWS provides six different EBS volumes provisioned with various benchmarks. Before selecting a volume, companies have to assess their needs to make a well-balanced ..

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Saving Plan EC2

Historically, AWS has only had Reserved instances to provide long-term cost savings. However, Reserved instances provided the highest possible discounts as the cost of complexity, rigidness of choice, and required dedicated research into future computing needs and feasibility studies.AWS Saving plan..


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Chaos Engineering

AWS FIS lets you practice Chaos Engineering safely on your account, allowing you to get the benefits of knowingly tinkering with your account in a secure, monitored way and pinpoint gaps in the infrastructure, hidden points of failure or security lapses etc and work to rectify them resulting in a st..


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On-Prem Containers with AWS ECS Anywhere

You will start to see the instance show up in AWS in the ECS console. You are not just centralizing your container workloads management, you are also centralizing the monitoring and alerting of these systems (with AWS Cloudwatch) further reducing the management overhead and total ToC for your organi..

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An Overview of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Thinking of getting started with AWS cloud computing or migrating your existing workloads to AWS? Here is a quick guide on how the 5 pillars of AWS’s well-architected framework will help you build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for your workloads.So basically..

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