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Mobile and IoT Security Strategies in the Cloud

DockerAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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How to Use Custom Domain Names inside AWS VPCs

Amazon EC2Amazon Web ServicesPython

Use your company-specific domain names instead of default AWS assigned domain names for EC2 instances inside VPCs.

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How to SSH Into a Linux(Ubuntu) Server With a New User Using the Terminal


This is a simple beginner's tutorial where I will demonstrate how to ssh into an Ubuntu server with a new local user.

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Rails encrypted credentials on 6.2

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Rails encrypted credentials on 6.2
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The Developers Guide To Scaling Rails Apps

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Blue/Green deployment strategy

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Canary deployment strategy also known as blue/green deployment, is an industry standard protocol for deployment with zero downtime by utilizing two separate environments and switching during source code updates or rollbacks. Canary deployments have a lot of advantages when it comes to multi-server configuration and aids in technical cases like version rollbacks, and a/b testing.

Canary deployments