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7 core components of an Internal Developer Platform

Internal Developer Platforms are widely spreading because they simplify the daily work of developers. Read the blog post to discover the 7 core components!

7 core components of an Internal Developer Platform
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The unprecedented growth of data in recent years has led to a demand for evolution in traditional monitoring practices.

The current observability maturity model is a good solution but needs further augmentations.

The widely accepted model includes the following stages:

1) Monitoring (Is everything in working order?)

2) Observability (Why is it not working?)

3) Full-Stack Observability (What is the origin of the problem, and what are its consequences?)

4) Intelligent Observability (How to predict anomalies and automate response?)

LOGIQ is supporting the next stage in the model i.e, Federated Observability. In other words, data availability for consumers with on-demand convenience.

The Observability Maturity Model.png
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Significant energy savings with Cloud migrations

Since crude fuel is one of the main sources of power production, an increase in fuel prices would almost certainly result in an increase in the price of electricity. According to the UK House of Commons, energy costs rose by 54% in April 2022 and were projected to rise by an additional 80% in Octobe..

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Cloud Computing Fundamentals & Introduction to AWS Solution Architecture


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In the cycle where the steps to be created by a software process take place, it includes the processes of determining the requirements, analyzing, designing, coding process, testing processes and putting the application live. Since this process continues within the scope of the improvement process o..