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How to Introduce Your Engineering Team to CI/CD with Kris Buytaert

In this podcast episode, we welcome Kris Buytaert, consulting CTO at, DevOps evangelist, one of the organisers of DevOpsDays. We talk about the conference, how to introduce CI/CD to teams, and what are some patterns and antipatterns for infrastructure as code. We also discuss why teams are reluctant to spend money on testing and operations, and what happens if they don’t.

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Wildcard officially becomes owner and collaborator of Babelfish

Babelfish is a self-hosted server for source-code parsing: it has the power to parse all kinds of file, in any supported language, extracting an Abstract Syntax Tree and converting it into a Universal Abstract Syntax Tree (UAST).

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A quick introduction to CI/CD

CI/CD is one of the pillars of modern cloud native software development. It improves your software products and makes its development more effective and cheaper.

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7 Github Actions Tricks I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Here are 7 tricks with github actions that changed my life (or at least my CI/CD pipeline). These tricks helped me create a more maintainable workflows code as well as boosted performance of the whole CI/CD process.

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Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Delivery. What’s the difference?

Continuous deployment VS continuous delivery? What’s best for you, The answer lies in the details we are sharing with you in this article.

We examined the differences between continuous deployment and continuous delivery from a technical, organizational, and business point of view. Read on to discover more.

In today’s world, it is possible to continuously update an application and continuously make those updates available to the end-users. This has been made possible by the introduction of agile software development. Two processes that are critical in achieving the necessary agility are continuous delivery and continuous deployment. In this article, we’ll discuss what each of these processes entails and their core differences.