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How to Send HTML Emails in PHP

PHP has multiple options for sending HTML emails: the PHP mail() function, PHPMailer, or SymfonyMailer. However, the latter two are the more popular and recommended options.

Why? Because the PHP mail() function has multiple limitations, including the inability to add attachments or send emails using the SMTP server. I’ll be diving into more details on the limitations below. 

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to build and send HTML emails in PHP using the mail() function, PHPMailer, and SymfonyMailer. I’ll also show you how to leverage Mailtrap’s SDK to send beautiful HTML emails in PHP. Let’s go! 

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Choosing the Best Transactional Email Service

For the last month or so, I spent my days testing popular transactional email services. I played around with dozens of tools on the market and picked out 8 best-performing providers. I reviewed all of them based on pre-selected criteria. Moreover, I scraped through the reviews on software catalogs t..

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Top 10 Mass Email Service Providers for Businesses of All Sizes

Mass email marketing is easy. It’s like eating, except you’re eating soup with a fork in the middle of a zombie apocalypse 🔥. 

But, luckily, there’s one thing that can alleviate your struggles and simplify the task – a reliable mass email service provider. 

We scraped the market to find the best contenders and compared them based on key features, use cases, pricing, and other criteria. Let’s dive in!