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Data Structures And Algorithms: Arrays In Python


An array is a collection of similar, sequential data types stored in a central location.

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Recursion Simplified


At first look, the above picture looks like a tree data structure, which it is but we not discussing Trees today but the magic tool known as recursion.

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Python – Lambda, the Tiny Yet Powerful Function Inside a Function


In the last article, we saw how List Comprehension can help us to filter and/or sort lists (or arrays) to populate new ones. In this issue, we delve into a tiny, yet powerful, feature that helps in lists and more.

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How to Scrape Organic Video Results from Brave Search with Python


A guide to scraping the title, link, displayed link, video thumbnail, and video duration from Brave Search Organic Video results.

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Write Professional Python Code: 9 Tips To Simplify Your Code (Beginner's Guide)

I’ve divided these articles into ten parts from beginner level to senior. Will be sharing some useful tips and tricks for Python newbies that will make your life much easier.

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No Module named “Encodings” — A common Import Error Found In Python 3


So, recently, I saw that many beginners are encountering this difficulty while installing Python 3 for the first time; in fact, when I installed Python for the first time, I had the same issue. The solution is simple, as we shall see in this article.

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Real-Time Messaging Spam Detection With Machine Learning in Python


In this tutorial, you’re going to build a real time spam detection web application. This application will be built with Python using the Flask framework and will include a machine learning model that you will train to detect SMS spam.

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Amazon Interview Preparation: Project Euler (Problem 1)

When preparing for a Technical interview with one of The Big Tech Companies; Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, it’s vital to practice with resources such as Project Euler.

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PyDo: Your Reliable Source for Everything Python

We’re launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.

We're launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.