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11 Best Coursera Certifications and Courses to Start Career in IT, Blockchain, and Data Science

Are you looking for the best Coursera certifications and courses to start your career in IT, Data Science, Blockchain, and other greenfield areas? Then these resources can help you

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Regression Regularization Techniques ‚ÄĒ Ridge and Lasso

We talk and hear a lot about Regression everywhere we go. So let us skip that. In this article, we shall assume that we are masters of Regression and we have already completed building a Linear Regression Model on a given dataset.

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A complete Prometheus based email monitoring system using docker compose

Need help setting up a monitoring system? Here’s a complete, easy to deploy, dockerised monitoring system for a local development environment with email alerts.

The open source software Prometheus is an effective and reliable way of monitoring a software service like a web application. It will monitor your service and notify you when it goes down. In addition Prometheus also collects numerous kinds of metric data from the target for diagnostics and display purposes. Presented below is a convenient and reliable docker compose script with a complete ensemble of components useful for running a complete Prometheus monitoring system in a local environment for evaluation and integration testing purposes. Be operational with one docker command. Included in the compose design are containers for Prometheus, Prometheus Alertmanager, Mailhog (a test SMTP server) and some Python code acting as a target to be continuously monitored. Prometheus is also able to monitor code developed in Node, Java, Ruby, Go, Rust, C++, C# and PHP to name a few [3]. Easily update the compose script to incorporate your particular service to be monitored.

Need help setting up a monitoring system? Here’s a complete, easy to deploy, dockerised monitoring system for a local development environment with email alerts.
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Django App deployment on Azure ‚ÄĒ Azure Plugin, CI/CD, security configurations, and data persistence

Deploying and configuring a Django application has never been so easy with azure, and below, I will show how to set up and configure your own Django app.

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Air Mouse: Doing Mouse Operations Using Finger Gestures

Hey surfer, in this blog, I am going to write about how can we do basic mouse operations like move pointer, click, double click and right click using only finger gestures.

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New Features of Python 3.10

What is new in Python 3.10?

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String Manipulation in Python: A Comprehensive Guide

As a software developer, you will be dealing with strings quite regularly.

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Stock Market Analysis Using Python Pandas

Python pandas is one of the most important tools to have in your toolbox as a Data Scientist.

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Tackling Array and String Interview Questions: Methods and Code

I Will walk you through the array and strings interview questions that may be asked and how to approach these problems, I will do 3 and leave the rest as a challenge.

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Simple HTTP Redirects Using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Python

For a recent personal project of mine, I needed to quickly and easily redirect and track user traffic to a serverless website I hosted in AWS.

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Shakespeare’s Monkey and the Genetic Algorithm

A beginner's guide to genetic algorithms, plus a little bit more…

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Making a CLI Application in Python

This past week I learned how to implement a CLI application so I thought about sharing this knowledge with you. But first, what exactly is a CLI?

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An Introduction to List Comprehensions in Python

Pythonic way of expressing iterative logic

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Deciphering A Caesar Cipher with Python

Caesar ciphers map out characters to other characters based on a number key chosen by the designer of the Caesar cipher.

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10 Essential Python Libraries for Data Professionals

Indispensable additions to your Python toolkit

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Data Structures And Algorithms: Arrays In Python

An array is a collection of similar, sequential data types stored in a central location.

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Recursion Simplified

At first look, the above picture looks like a tree data structure, which it is but we not discussing Trees today but the magic tool known as recursion.

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Python ‚Äď Lambda, the Tiny Yet Powerful Function Inside a Function

In the last article, we saw how List Comprehension can help us to filter and/or sort lists (or arrays) to populate new ones. In this issue, we delve into a tiny, yet powerful, feature that helps in lists and more.

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How to Scrape Organic Video Results from Brave Search with Python

A guide to scraping the title, link, displayed link, video thumbnail, and video duration from Brave Search Organic Video results.