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Read AI/M Weekly

AI Weekly Newsletter, Kala. Curated AI news, tutorials, tools and more - Join thousands of other readers, 100% free, unsubscribe anytime.

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What's new in FAUN - January 2023

We're glad to share with you the latest projects we've been working on recently!

FAUN Youtube Channel
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Announcing Kala: AI/ML Weekly Newsletter

We are excited to announce the imminent launch of Kala (AI/ML Weekly), the 13th newsletter in our series of developer-focused newsletters.

AI/ML Weekly Newsletter
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GoPa, The Newsletter: Become a better Go developer

Announcing our coming-soon FAUN Topic for Gophers: GoPa. The newsletter about the Go programming language.

The Gopher's newsletter featuring must-read tutorials, news and libraries every week!
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PyDo: Your Reliable Source for Everything Python

We’re launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.

We're launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.
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Humans Behind Code: Featuring Developers behind awesome projects!

Announcing Humans Behind Code, a project by FAUN.

Humans Behind Code