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Sidecar Design Pattern in Microservices Ecosystem

Microservice Architecture is gaining lot of popularity and wider adoption within the community.

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Evolution of Containers and How Managed EKS Service solves Kubernetes challenges

Containers have been around since the 1970s for creating an isolated environment where applications and services can run without interfering with other processes.

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Getting started with K8s in 2022

Kubernetes has been around for almost 7 years as of 2022. While its ecosystem has evolved with a plethora of fantastic resources in the form of documentation (shameless self-plug, I know), blogposts, videos, podcasts, and courses, there still is a pretty high entry level barrier if you’re entirely new to it. A majority of the questions I’ve received are around the very first step to be taken while learning and what is a good way to get started. This is a compilation I wish I had when I got started and I hope you find it useful.

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Getting Started with Docker Containers pt.2

This blog post is a continuation of this blog post where I attempted to give an introduction of Microservices and Docker containers. In this post we are going to delve deeper into Docker containers and get hands-on practice which should give a better understanding.

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Getting Started With Docker Containers

Every once in a while a new paradigm shift comes along that changes or brings another approach to the way software development is done. The “new” paradigm shift I will be talking about in this article is Containers.

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Deploying a Custom Docker Image Using Nginx and Saving it to Amazon ECR

In this tutorial, I am going to be creating an image with a file that will tell you the time of day the container has been deployed using Nginx.

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Are Containers Always the Best Way to Save Money and Provide More Agility?

From time to time, it is good to review the solutions that make up your infrastructure.

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Docker, Containerization, and It’s Weirdness

This article is written for part of the Software Engineering Project course in University of Indonesia. Any information put here may or may not be complete and should not be used as your only guideline.

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Securing a Container: How to Clean Up Docker Images and Why Limit Runtimes

Containers have rocked the software engineering world not less than DevOps practices. Containers are fantastic — deployable everywhere, they let you run previously incompatible setups on the same servers and move projects between servers smoothly. However, there’s always a price to pay — container environments require an understanding of core fundamentals to run containers securely.

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C# — Remote package management

Using Sonatype Nexus 3 as a NuGet artifacts repository