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I joined Container Days 2022

Here’s what I learned

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Data Engineer, Xendit

Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes: Part I

Few explanations about Docker, differences between Image and Container and Overview of Kubernetes Concept

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Marketing, Wildcard

Why Kubernetes is a must learn to become Cloud Native

Kubernetes is a major pillar when talks come to being cloud native, because Kubernetes alongside its vast ecosystem of tools, will singlehandedly construct, scale, and operate any of your cloud applications. This major power that Kubernetes has is a valid reason Kubernetes is a must-learn in becoming cloud native. This article has looked more into Kubernetes and why it needs to be learned to become cloud native.

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K8s rolling updates upon configurations changes

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Helm - Package Manager for Kubernetes

Deploying applications to Kubernetes can be complex as you may be required to create multiple interdependent resources. This blog explains how Helm can help software professionals to package, configure and deploy applications onto Kubernetes.