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Office 365 SMTP: Setup and Configuration Explained

In this guide, I dive deep into the ins and outs of Office 365, showing you what it’s best used for and how to configure it, while also providing you with some actual examples. What is an Office 365 SMTP server? SMTP, orSimple Mail Transfer Protocol, is an internet standard protocol responsible for ..

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Android Intent Send Email – Quick Tutorial with Examples

After tackling theAndroid Intent send emailtask, I have a newfound respect for this OS and its intricacies. The methodology is pretty straightforward and relatively simple to implement. I’ll cover the steps I took and show you how to use Intent to send emails from an Android app (code examples inclu..

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Best Email Verification Tools in 2024

Want better deliverability rates? Try verifying the email addresses on your contact list! 

For that, you’ll need the help of email verification tools.  

I took it upon myself to give 6 of them a test drive and, with that, help you pick one from the many available options. 

So, if you’re looking for reviews and comparisons between some of the leading email verification solutions (which also double as email validation tools 🙌🏻), keep on reading!

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Email Testing for Beginners – Complete Guide

Wondering where to start with email tests? Not sure how to make your templates highly deliverable? No worries, I got you covered. This article guides you through email testing for beginners including definitions, types of testing, tools, and tips for best practices. What is email testing? Email test..

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Content Manager, Mailtrap

How to Test Email: A Personal Journey

I’ve been with Mailtrap since 2021, and I have tested a gazillion emails (using Mailtrap) and talked to god-knows how many SMEs to wrap my mind around all the intricacies. 

This piece is an honest account of my ‘how to test email’ journey. It covers every aspect you can test, their importance, and the examples of best practices. 

Sure, I used Mailtrap almost exclusively, so the following sections feature a bunch of references and pointers to our platform. But, you’ll also encounter other tools and tips on how to incorporate them into your workflow.