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@dzenanakajtazcs shared a post, 3 months ago
Technical Content Writer, Mailtrap

Best Email Verification Tools in 2024

Want better deliverability rates? Try verifying the email addresses on your contact list! 

For that, you’ll need the help of email verification tools.  

I took it upon myself to give 6 of them a test drive and, with that, help you pick one from the many available options. 

So, if you’re looking for reviews and comparisons between some of the leading email verification solutions (which also double as email validation tools 🙌🏻), keep on reading!

@dzenanakajtazcs shared a post, 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Technical Content Writer, Mailtrap

Email Test Cases: Your Guide Through All the Steps

In this article, I’ll take you with me on a journey guided by a team of QAs, deliverability experts, and email marketers, where we will not only explore email test cases but also learn the steps for creating a comprehensive range of checks.

Let’s dive in!

@dzenanakajtazcs shared a post, 4 months ago
Technical Content Writer, Mailtrap

Email Spam Words You Should Avoid

Have you ever made a cake or an amazing meal and then just dropped it on the ground? Remember how disappointing it felt? 

Now imagine perfecting an email campaign just for it to get eaten alive by spam filters because of a poor choice of words on your end. The feeling of disappointment would be just as bad, right?

To help you avoid landing yourself in this situation, the outreach team at Mailtrap and I did some research and testing using our own cold email and regular campaigns and came up with 8 categories of email spam words you should avoid to achieve better email deliverability and open rates.

So, if you’re curious to see our findings, then keep reading!