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IaC Security and Compliance Tools

IaC scanning tools are crucial to engineering your platform’s code securely and following your organization’s compliance and best practices by creating and enforcing the rules, through code allowing you to automate and integrate these into your software development lifecycle (SLDC).A good engineerin..

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Managing Docker containers using Terraform on Windows 10

Today we will be looking at how to manage Docker containers on W10 using Terraform the IAC tool.

Terraform & Docker on W10

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Gitlab Runner for AWS

Gitlab Ci is gaining traction in both the Hosted and Cloud-Hosted versions because it is tackling one of the “DevOps” challenges, nr of tools used across the different Software Development teams by offering a single solution with many tools such as SCM; CI/CD or GitOps; ticketing; analytics; securit..


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What is Terraform and why your infrastructure should be written as code

It is safe to say that it’s a future-proof move for your career to understand more about cloud technologies.

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What you need to know about Terraform vs. CloudFormation

Selecting the right infrastructure as code (IaC) framework depends largely on your needs and the comfort levels of your team but can have a significant impact on your cloud-native tech stack. When looking at two common IaC frameworks—Terraform by HashiCorp and Amazon CloudFormation—there are a lot of opinions for and against each.

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