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GitOps: This Is What You Need to Know - Part I


On a chilly November morning in 2020, it's GitOps Days, and we heard Alexis Richardson via Video Conferencing speak. Git allowed us to do Cloud-native development. It gave us the tooling for a distributed source control, continuous integration, container image distribution, and others.

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Recursion Simplified


At first look, the above picture looks like a tree data structure, which it is but we not discussing Trees today but the magic tool known as recursion.

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Docker, Containerization, and It’s Weirdness


This article is written for part of the Software Engineering Project course in University of Indonesia. Any information put here may or may not be complete and should not be used as youronlyguideline.

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Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy

Anatomy (anatomē) is branch of Biology that has concern about the organism’s structure. The word of Anatomy comes from Greek words “ana” means up and “tome” means cutting. Key practice of medicine and other areas of health are to understand the Anatomy.

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How to SSH Into a Linux(Ubuntu) Server With a New User Using the Terminal


This is a simple beginner's tutorial where I will demonstrate how to ssh into an Ubuntu server with a new local user.

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Quantum Computing Continued

In the firstarticlewe brushed on quantum computing basics, in this edition we will explore types of qubits.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Variables in Python


What is a variable in Python? Simply put, a variable is a reserved memory location for an object.

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It’s the Principal of the Thing

My Introduction to Principal Component Analysis

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Go Channels


Today we will take a deep dive into channels and its workings.

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Securing a Container: How to Clean Up Docker Images and Why Limit Runtimes

DockerGitLab CI/CD

Containers have rocked the software engineering world not less than DevOps practices. Containers are fantastic — deployable everywhere, they let you run previously incompatible setups on the same servers and move projects between servers smoothly. However, there’s always a price to pay — container environments require an understanding of core fundamentals to run containers securely.