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Log Management: 101 (Best Practices and Tools)

Log management is collecting, monitoring, and analyzing log data to gain insights into an organization’s operations.

Logs are usually generated by different sources such as operating systems, applications, and network devices and stored in other formats.

Log management tools include log aggregators, log analysis platforms, and security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

Logs provide crucial information about system performance, resource utilization, user behavior, and other important metrics.

Standard log management tools include open-source (i.e., Graylog/GoAccess/Logstash), commercial (LOGIQ/Sematext Cloud/Coralogix), and cloud-based (LogDNA/Amazon CloudWatch/Loggly) solutions.

Benefits of proper log management include Centralized log aggregation for unified data storage, better customer experience through predictive modeling; advanced network analytics; increased security; improved observability & visibility; cost reduction & improved integration & agility via LOGIQ’s no-indexing solution.

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Log Management: 101 (Best Practices and Tools)