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Alerting. By developers, for developers.

Simple alerting tool, built-in providers (e.g. sentry/datadog or slack/pagerduty), 100% open sourced, free forever.

Simple and intuitive (GitHub actions-like) syntax.

  • Declarative alerting can be easily managed and versioned in your version control and service repository.

  • Alerts from multiple data sources for added context and insights.

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in, making it easier to switch to a different observability tool if and when needed.

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Founder, FAUN

Shahar Glazner, CTO/Cofounder @Keep: Understand the Deep Internals of What You Are Solving

Please tell us about yourself.I'm Shahar, an experienced architect, and developer. I have a strong background in cybersecurity (having spent 6 years in the Israeli equivalent of the NSA, known as 8200) and cloud infrastructure. I was the founding engineer of, and today, I'm th..

Shahar Glazner, CTO and Cofounder, Keep
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