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What are Network Operation Centers (NOC) and how do NOC teams work?

In highly competitive markets, businesses have to strive hard to be always available & operational. Hence businesses invest heavily in dedicated Network Operations Centers (NOC) that constantly monitor the performance of an organization’s IT resources. In this blog, we will explore NOC and its importance.

Incident Management and SRE
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Demystifying Kubernetes RBAC

The more prominent and complex Kubernetes deployments become, the more important it is to define strict access controls and tighter security. In this blog, Kasun has explained how RBAC can be implemented in Kubernetes clusters to restrict user permissions to relevant resources only.

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Introduction to Automation Testing Strategies For Microservices

The complex nature of Microservices architecture requires a systematic testing strategy to ensure end-to-end (E2E) testing for any given use case. This blog explains some of the most adopted automation testing strategies with the help of the Testing Triangles for Microservices.

Automation Testing Strategies For Microservices