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How to Scale Prometheus with Thanos for Long-Term Data

- Prometheus is a powerful open-source system for service monitoring and time series data storage.

- Thanos is a companion tool that adds high availability and long-term storage capabilities to Prometheus.

- Thanos seamlessly integrates with Prometheus and provides object storage for historical data.

- It ensures rapid query response times and offers a global query view for real-time data merging.

- Thanos enables high availability for Prometheus and allows for long-term metrics retention.

- It simplifies the backup process and facilitates cross-cluster scalability.

- Thanos provides cost-effective data access and enhances Prometheus' scalability and reliability.

- Scaling Prometheus with Thanos involves storage configuration, utilizing the Thanos Sidecar, setting up Thanos Query, and aggregating Thanos Query nodes.

- LOGIQ.AI offers a comprehensive platform, LOGIQ Stack, for scaling Prometheus using Thanos.

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