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Hybrid Cloud — Pros and Cons

What is Hybrid Cloud?A hybrid cloud refers to mixed computing, storage, and service environment that runs on private cloud services, public cloud services and on-premise infrastructure. With a hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of each delivery method while mitigating the risks of choosing just on..

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Adopting DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps?DevSecOps refers to integrating security objectives as early as possible in a DevOps software delivery model. In DevsecOps, security is introduced as a shared responsibility from the beginning to the end of the software development lifecycle.DevSecOps also includes automating some ..

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Top 5 Docker Myths and Facts That You Should be Aware of

Today, every fast-growing business enterprise has to deploy new features of their app rapidly if they really want to survive in this competitive market.

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Cloud Native Free Training and Certifications

Below, I have prepared a list of free trainings from some organizations that are supporting the projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation:

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The Future of DevOps: 15 Trends for 2021

DevOps and IT operations at large is a constantly evolving field, the trends in this article are proof of that. There is always a need to keep up with trends and leverage the benefits. DevOps is evolving and merging with various technological innovations like machine learning and AI which will take more ground in 2021. Learning about these trends and implementing them in your DevOps practices will keep you afloat in the revolutionizing field.

The popularity of Docker makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals who are always looking for systems that they can exploit .png