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Cloud Native Free Training and Certifications


Below, I have prepared a list of free trainings from some organizations that are supporting the projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation:

We are already a little past the middle of 2021, which has been as convulsive and unpredictable as 2020, which surprised us with so many adaptations and changes that we had to take on.

Among these adaptations, the world of technology was no stranger, the great demand for digital services led to the “digital transformation” processes of organizations accelerating incrementally in a very short time, requiring the almost immediate availability of new platforms. , development of new capacities and therefore the demand for professionals with skills to take on these challenges.

2020 was a great year in which many organizations in the Cloud Native technological field took the opportunity to make their learning platforms available for free with the intention that more professionals would become experts in their products and solutions, and thus be able to help many professionals who they were somehow affected by the pandemic.

This 2021 has not been different, and many organizations continue to make available many trainings in the Cloud Native field, even with certifications, which can help all professionals develop their professional careers to find new job challenges related to Application Development, DevOps, Cloud Computing, and SRE.

Below, I have prepared a list of free trainings from some organizations that are supporting the projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation:

Training with Certifications — Istio Foundation Certificate
Workshop + Certification (July 27th) — Istio Essentials Certificate
Workshop + Certification (July 20th)

Certified Calico Operator: Level 1 (Kubernetes Networking and Security)
Training + Certification

Chef Principles Certification
Training | Certification

Gremlim Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate Program
Training | Certification

Gitlab 101 Certification
Training + Certification

MongoDB Basics
Training + Certificaction

New Relic Full Stack Observability Certificate


Introduction to GitOps

Elastic Observability Fundamentals

Elastic Kibana Fundamentals

Alibaba Cloud Native Technology Foundation

Introduction to Prometheus

Sysdig Introduction to Prometheus and PromQL

Introduction to Service Mesh with Linkerd

Introduction to Kubernetes on the Edge with k3s

Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud-Native Software Architecture

Certified Jenkins Engineer 2021

Cassandra Database

VMWare Kube Academy

Aqua Cloud Native Academy

Let’s go for more folks, and if you find another interesting learning resource that you want to share just let me know in the comments.

Happy Continuous Learning 😃

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