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Understanding Technical Debt for Software Teams

In pursuit of staying competitive in the market, many organizations choose speed over quality resulting in the accumulation of technical debt. This blog will dive deep into the concept of technical debt and explore ways to remediate it.

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DevSecOps - Shifting Security to the Left

Modern day software development approaches such as DevOps, have certainly reduced development time. However, tighter release deadlines push security practices to a corner. This blog explains how Shifting Security to the Left introduces security in the early stages of DevOps Lifecycle, thus fixing software bugs proactively.

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Cloud Architect

The Way to Testing Mastery, Part 1: Rise

The ultimate guide to writing great unit tests that will improve your code quality

“When I master testing, will I get to dodge bugs?” Jessie: “No, when you master testing, you won’t have to”
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Five Ways Developers Can Help SREs

Reliability is a team game. More the collaboration between Developers and SREs, greater will be the success of the product. In this blog, we have listed down the five best practices that developers can adopt, to make the SRE's life easier.

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Kubernetes Monitoring: Best Practices, Metrics and Tools

Kubernetes monitoring is the practice of observing and measuring the health and performance of a Kubernetes cluster and its components.

The main goal is to ensure the availability, reliability, and scalability of the cluster and the applications running on it.

Key metrics to measure include those related to clusters, nodes, pods, deployments, services, containers, and applications.

Best practices for monitoring K8S involve examining details in granular level data; gathering historical system data beyond metrics; understanding control plane monitoring; creating an instrumentation strategy with alerting; using a platform to run containers on physical/virtual machine clusters; utilizing Prometheus; selecting comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring tools.

Popular Kubernetes monitoring tools include Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentd, LOGIQ, and ELK Stack.

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Kubernetes Monitoring: Best Practices, Metrics and Tools