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AI-based tools for Kubernetes troubleshooting and more

This overview lists and describes Open Source tools for Kubernetes administrators interested in leveraging AI for their everyday needs. They include K8sGPT (a CNCF project), Kubernetes ChatGPT bot by Robusta, kube-copilot, and a few kubectl plugins (such as kubectl-ai and kubectl-gpt).Learn about th..

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The unprecedented growth of data in recent years has led to a demand for evolution in traditional monitoring practices.

The current observability maturity model is a good solution but needs further augmentations.

The widely accepted model includes the following stages:

1) Monitoring (Is everything in working order?)

2) Observability (Why is it not working?)

3) Full-Stack Observability (What is the origin of the problem, and what are its consequences?)

4) Intelligent Observability (How to predict anomalies and automate response?)

LOGIQ is supporting the next stage in the model i.e, Federated Observability. In other words, data availability for consumers with on-demand convenience.

The Observability Maturity Model.png
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What Does The Future Of DevOps Look Like?

With the rising adoption of cloud technologies in the world, Devops has been key in enhancing efficiencies in development and operations. Studies show that the DevOps market is to reach close to $13 billion by 2025.DevOps is considered as a journey and not a destination, a shift in culture and not t..

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What is Observability and why you may need it

What is meant by Observability and how has it evolved into something which has transformed the entire IT ecosystem. We will break down all the information in this blog. Before Agile methodology was born, developers also used something called Test-Driven Development

What is Observability and why you may need it
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MLOps vs AIOps

There is a tendency to confuse MLOps and AIOps. While there are some common characteristics between the two, MLOps and AIOps are two different domains, are applied differently, and serve different goals.

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Top 7 Open Source AIOps Tools

AIOps is the use of artificial intelligence to make IT operations management simple, accelerate the time to solve IT operations problems by automating their resolution. This post lists the most popular AIOps open source tools.

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The State of AIOps: What do Companies Need to Adopt AIOps?

In 2018, two of the largest supermarket chains in Australia were hit by technical problems across the country and were forced to suspend business until the issues were resolved. As a result, both companies lost their sales, and the customers were frustrated.

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How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Disrupting DevOps

Many IT teams are currently working on digital transformation projects. After all, companies want to benefit from current technologies such as the cloud, machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).