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Each Sunday, you will receive the latest technical and business news from the DevOps and software engineering space, with the most important tutorials, stories and discussions.

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Each Friday, you will read the most important news and how-to articles about technologies like serverless computing, containers, FaaS, CaaS and other interesting topics.


Kaptain #Kubernetes

Each Saturday, we will keep you informed about the latest trends, and must-read articles about Docker, Kubernetes, containers and distributed systems.


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We've stumbled upon a nice DevOps newsletter a couple weeks ago so I though our write-up about it could interest some of you. I had the opportunity to chat with the lead curator, very nice, down-to-earth guy that's doing a pretty excellent job.

Wilhem Pujar, CEO of Stacktical
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I enjoy DevOpsLinks a lot. I've subbed to that and DevOpsWeekly and I think I tend to find a bit more value (personally) in DOL (at least I tend to find myself clicking more of the links and reading the articles). I do enjoy both though and the fact that I get both on Sundays means that I can get up, make some coffee, and then read interesting articles all morning.

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