favicon  Why we Need to Transform The Internet For a Cloud-native World

When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), their focus inevitably falls on the "things," b..
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favicon  The Case For Making The Transition From Sysadmin to Devops Engineer

The year is 2019, and DevOps is the hot topic. The day of the system administrator (sysadmin) has go..
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favicon  Outline/Outline

The fastest wiki and knowledgebase for growing teams. Beautiful, feature-rich, markdown compatible a..
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favicon  The New AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding its global footprint with the opening of the AWS Middle East ..
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favicon  This is how I use the good parts of AWS cloud, while filtering out all the distracting hype.

My experience is in web- sites/apps/services. From tiny personal projects to commercial apps running..
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favicon  24 Sysadmin Job Interview Questions You Should Know

Have a sysadmin job interview coming up? Read this article for some questions you might encounter an..
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favicon  Get $100 To Demo Blue Matador The Alert Automation Service

Blue Matador is alert automation for AWS & Kubernetes environments. it takes the time and toil out o..

favicon  Caicloud/Cyclone

Powerful workflow engine and end-to-end pipeline solutions implemented with native Kubernetes resour..
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favicon  Stefanprodan/Istio-gke: Istio Service Mesh Walkthrough (GKE, Clouddns, Flagger, Openfaas)

Istio service mesh walkthrough (GKE, CloudDNS, Flagger, OpenFaaS) - stefanprodan/istio-gke..
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favicon  Adhorn/Aws-lambda-chaos-injection

Chaos Injection library for AWS Lambda..
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