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Taming the Multi-Headed Beast: Maintaining SDKs in Production for Years

Managing an SDK in production over several years is similar to taming a multi-headed beast. Each aspect of the development process demands unique attention and precision. Balancing the evolving needs of a diverse user base, adapting to the ever-changing technology landscape, and ensuring consistent, high-quality performance across various environments presents a complex array of challenges. This article distills the key lessons and strategies we've honed from years of experience in maintaining and evolving our SDKs in a dynamic and demanding technological ecosystem.

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Share your work in progress in real time from VS Code or JetBrains

Need to ask a teammate for some help with your code, but don’t want to push broken changes to GitHub? GitLive has a solution 💡

👉 Share your work in progress in real time from VS Code or JetBrains 🎥

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5 Best Platforms to Learn Blockchain in 2024

These are the best online platforms to learn Blockchain Programming, and Development in depth.