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Wildcard officially becomes owner and collaborator of Babelfish

Babelfish is a self-hosted server for source-code parsing: it has the power to parse all kinds of file, in any supported language, extracting an Abstract Syntax Tree and converting it into a Universal Abstract Syntax Tree (UAST).

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Canary Release vs Blue-Green Deployments

Choosing the right deployment strategy is crucial to the availability and quality of your services. Two of the most known deployment strategies are blue/green deployment and canary release.

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Canary Release Explained

What is a canary release?

The canary release concept comes from the 1920s coal mining industry. Back then, miners would carry caged canaries to help test the oxygen levels in the mines. If the canary died, it was a sign that there was too much carbon monoxide and they would leave the mine immediately.

In today’s world, a canary release is used to test the performance of the new application version in real-world usage. If there are bugs, then the new version is rolled back and the issues are fixed before another release. If there are no bugs and it works as expected, then it is scaled up until it replaces the old version completely. All this is made possible by the ability to control users’ traffic.