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Send and Receive Emails in ASP.NET C#

You’ve got a long ASP.NET project ahead. You’re trying to wrap your head around all tasks at hand – infrastructure, business logic, admin panel, integrations. On top of that, there’s a long list of ‘could have’ type of features that the team would like to implement if time and resources allow.

One of them is adding the ability to send an email in ASP.NET C# that you’ve been postponing for a while. After all, it’s such an obvious feature that might as well be left for the very end, when almost everything is up and running. Before your project goes live, you will need to validate your email workflows anyway and probably you don’t want to stay extra hours just before the launch to do so.

While sending emails with C# is not rocket science, we strongly recommend thinking about it sooner rather than later. To make it easier to start, we’ve covered the first steps with the various code samples. Let’s start!

Send emails in ASP.NET C#