Hello, world! Hello, FAUN community!


Announcing the new FAUN website

A few years ago, I started DevOpsLinks, a newsletter that I shared each week for more than three years with my followers.

A few months later, I started Shipped, the 2nd newsletter, then Kaptain and I decided to launch three or four other newsletters.

This website was a simple form that more than 16k subscribers used to subscribe to our newsletters. Today, we released this website because:

  1. We will give voice to our community to use this space and create stories and tutorials.
  2. We want to have our own independent online space. We have a Medium, a Facebook, a Twitter, a Slack.. but we have our own space now!
  3. We are working on helpful features that we can't offer you with only newsletters.

Keep in touch and watch this space!

Aymen @eon01 Founder of FAUN

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