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Advanced GIT — Merge, History & Diffs

Merge seems to be a very simple topic, but it on first glance. We’ll learn what’s difference between ^ and ~ in GIT and uncover the full potential of the GIT log. This article continuous series of “Advanced GIT”. We’ve already talked about References, Git code store areas and what’s git. Let’s continue our journey 🏇.

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Advanced GIT(Part 1) — What is GIT?

GIT — is a powerful tool for collaborating with the team and storing work that can be easily replayed in time. However, for a sad reason, a lot of people use the GUI tool for interacting with it and can’t uncover its full potential of this tool. Like in a famous meme people learn only to commit and push and if something happened, they prefer to reload copies except to solve problems. (In all cases it’s not the optimal way)

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