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How to use Prometheus with Datadog?

This blog post explains how to integrate Prometheus, a metric collection tool, with Datadog, a monitoring platform. This integration offers several benefits including improved visibility into application and infrastructure performance, proactive alerting, and a streamlined workflow.

The guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration, including installing and configuring both Prometheus and the Datadog Agent, enabling the Prometheus integration within Datadog, and verifying successful data flow. It also highlights additional considerations like metric mapping, scalability, and security.

Overall, integrating Prometheus with Datadog empowers you to create a powerful monitoring ecosystem for making data-driven decisions and optimizing your IT infrastructure.

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Top Monitoring Tools for DevOps Engineers and SREs

This blog post explores monitoring tools used by DevOps engineers and SREs to maintain IT infrastructure health and ensure service reliability. It covers the three main types of monitoring tools (network, server, application performance), factors to consider when choosing a tool, and provides a list of popular options including Prometheus and Zabbix.

The importance of incident management is also addressed, highlighting Squadcast as a tool that integrates with monitoring tools to streamline the incident resolution process. By combining monitoring and incident management, teams can effectively respond to issues and minimize downtime.

Overall, the blog emphasizes selecting the right tools to gather the necessary data for optimizing IT infrastructure performance and ensuring a positive user experience.

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Prometheus Blackbox Exporter: A Guide for Monitoring External Systems

Prometheus Blackbox Exporter is a valuable tool for monitoring external systems and services. It excels at probing various endpoints using protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP, DNS, and more, and returning metrics about their health and performance. This empowers you to gain insights into the availability, responsiveness, and performance of external dependencies critical to your applications.

Here are some key benefits of using Blackbox Exporter:

Supports multiple protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP, DNS, etc.)

Customizable probes with specific configurations

Provides rich metrics for in-depth analysis

Integrates seamlessly with Prometheus for querying and visualization

Enables proactive alerting based on metrics and thresholds

Increases visibility into external dependencies

Reduces downtime from external service failures

Improves service quality by monitoring external dependencies

Expedites issue resolution with rich metrics and alerting

Blackbox Exporter can be a game-changer for organizations looking to gain greater control over their monitoring environments and ensure the reliability of their applications.

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Datadog vs Prometheus: Choosing the Right Monitoring Tool for You

This story offers a comprehensive comparison of Datadog vs Prometheus, two popular monitoring and observability tools. It explores key factors like data collection, metrics & instrumentation, visualization & alerting, ecosystem & integrations, and pricing to assist you in selecting the tool that best suits your needs.

Key takeaways:

Prometheus is open-source and leverages a pull-based model for data collection, while Datadog offers a subscription-based service with both pull and push-based models.

Both tools excel in metrics and instrumentation, with Prometheus featuring PromQL for queries and Datadog providing out-of-the-box integrations and agent collection.

Datadog outshines in visualization and alerting with its customizable dashboards and advanced features, whereas Prometheus offers a user-friendly web interface for metric visualization.

Prometheus boasts a large open-source community with extensive integrations, while Datadog provides pre-built integrations with over 600 tools and technologies.

Ultimately, the ideal choice depends on your specific requirements, budget, and existing technology stack.

datadog vs prometheus
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Zabbix vs Prometheus: Choosing the Right Monitoring Tool for Your Needs

This blog post compares two popular monitoring tools, Zabbix vs Prometheus. It highlights the key differences between these tools in terms of their monitoring capabilities, scalability, ease of use, community support, and pricing.

Here's a quick summary:

Prometheus: excels in collecting time-series metrics, easy to configure, strong community support, ideal for DevOps teams.

Zabbix: offers broader monitoring including logs, scales well for large setups, mature ecosystem, preferred by IT administrators.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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Technical Solutions Specialist,

How to Scale Prometheus with Thanos for Long-Term Data

- Prometheus is a powerful open-source system for service monitoring and time series data storage.

- Thanos is a companion tool that adds high availability and long-term storage capabilities to Prometheus.

- Thanos seamlessly integrates with Prometheus and provides object storage for historical data.

- It ensures rapid query response times and offers a global query view for real-time data merging.

- Thanos enables high availability for Prometheus and allows for long-term metrics retention.

- It simplifies the backup process and facilitates cross-cluster scalability.

- Thanos provides cost-effective data access and enhances Prometheus' scalability and reliability.

- Scaling Prometheus with Thanos involves storage configuration, utilizing the Thanos Sidecar, setting up Thanos Query, and aggregating Thanos Query nodes.

- LOGIQ.AI offers a comprehensive platform, LOGIQ Stack, for scaling Prometheus using Thanos.

Scaling Prometheus with Thanos for Long-Term Data.png
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Prometheus Blackbox Exporter: Guide & Tutorial

Learn how Prometheus Blackbox Exporter can monitor external systems with multiple protocols and custom endpoints to provide rich metrics, alerting, increased visibility, and faster issue resolution.

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Software Engineer, Phi Cygni

A complete Prometheus based email monitoring system using docker compose

Need help setting up a monitoring system? Here’s a complete, easy to deploy, dockerised monitoring system for a local development environment with email alerts.

The open source software Prometheus is an effective and reliable way of monitoring a software service like a web application. It will monitor your service and notify you when it goes down. In addition Prometheus also collects numerous kinds of metric data from the target for diagnostics and display purposes. Presented below is a convenient and reliable docker compose script with a complete ensemble of components useful for running a complete Prometheus monitoring system in a local environment for evaluation and integration testing purposes. Be operational with one docker command. Included in the compose design are containers for Prometheus, Prometheus Alertmanager, Mailhog (a test SMTP server) and some Python code acting as a target to be continuously monitored. Prometheus is also able to monitor code developed in Node, Java, Ruby, Go, Rust, C++, C# and PHP to name a few [3]. Easily update the compose script to incorporate your particular service to be monitored.

Need help setting up a monitoring system? Here’s a complete, easy to deploy, dockerised monitoring system for a local development environment with email alerts.
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Sending Custom Metrics from Python to Prometheus

A short guide for instrumenting your Python app with the Prometheus Python Client library

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What is Prometheus

What is Prometheus