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Magalix + Weaveworks: Forging the Path of Secure GitOps Workflows

Magalix +Weaveworks

Magalix is Now Part of Weaveworks

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Magalix is joining Weaveworks, the company that pioneered GitOps. The cloud-native space brought forward a wide array of benefits tightly coupled with complex infrastructure and endless opportunities. Our ultimate vision when we founded Magalix in 2017, was to help organizations innovate and navigate that complexity.

Fast forward four years, with a strong team of 25 people across the US and Egypt and a solid Magalix platform, we have an incredible opportunity to accelerate that vision and expand our reach. It has been an amazing journey for Magalix, full of learnings, ups, and downs, working with great people while navigating our way through a once in a hundred years pandemic.

We built Magalix on the promise of streamlining compute and containers. We ran millions of containers with millions of dollars in infrastructure savings. But we learned from our customers that solving security and compliance is far more valuable and impactful at this point. We have evolved into a security-as-code platform that offers the highest control and automation of security and operational standards with the right insights. We knew that our customers wanted to keep innovating fast without breaking their infrastructure and applications.

Through Magalix, we reimagined how teams and companies can apply the best cloud-native security and operational standards. We saw that using the old reactive and runtime-focused solutions to the cloud-native stack will set everyone to failure to innovate fast and keep building great applications. Instead, Magalix’s security-as-code platform enabled teams to apply the highest and most secure standards without losing the agile DevOps mindset.

We built Magalix’s culture and mission on carefully chosen leadership principles and values. We lived and breathed those values, and we believe they helped us get to this journey milestone. For example, our start-with-the-customer leadership principle kept us constantly in check to deliver actual value. Our operational excellence and bias for action helped us make quick decisions in product features, customers success, and how we scale our operations.

Together with Weaveworks, we will focus on our unified goal of Trusted Application Delivery which will now include codified policies to GitOps, enforcing security and compliance within the DevOps workflow - further expanding automating Kubernetes applications and infrastructure operations. We believe that by joining forces, we will empower everyone - developers, security, and infrastructure teams - to combine agility and trust, thus accelerating innovation.

Magalix will continue to drive the mission of building the highest security standards and operations excellence with codified policies, automated enforcement, and the proper insights for the whole team. With Weaveworks, we will continue to work with the highest standards and do what we all believe in. We believe it will give everyone in this journey more value and a more fulfilling journey.


To our wonderful early adopters, customers, community, and partners - we’d like to thank you all for putting your trust and confidence in us. We are at this incredible milestone today because of your support.

To the fantastic Magalix team - thank you for your dedication and resilience during the uncertainty brought forward by COVID and for powering through the difficult transition of working from your living room. This momentous day wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

To our investors - a special thank you to our investors from Trend Forward Capital, Endure Capital, Egypt Ventures, 500 Startups, and all our angel investors. Your continuous support and faith in our global team has helped us achieve this extraordinary accomplishment.

To our advisors and mentors - a heartfelt thank you goes out to our many mentors and advisors who have provided guidance and mentorship during the tumultuous journey of a startup.

To our families and friends - the path towards this day has seen many good days and also many challenging ones. To our families and friends - the unseen contributors - thank you for your support and your patience.

This is a beginning of an exciting new journey and a unique opportunity for all Magalixers as we join forces with Weaveworks. We are all very excited about the next phase of our journey and can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.

For more information about the acquisition, check out Weaveworks press release. To read what Alexis Richardson has to say about joining forces, check out his blog here.

Keep challenging everything!

Mohamed F. Ahmed, - Co-Founder and CEO, Magalix

Ahmed Badran, -Co-Founder and CTO, Magalix

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