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Introducing "The Augmented Developer: Code Smarter, Not Harder"

The Augmented Developer Book

Just released: "The Augmented Developer: Code Smarter, Not Harder"—a comprehensive guide to enhancing your coding with AI. This book explores AI-assisted coding, offers in-depth tutorials on GitHub Copilot, compares a wide range of AI coding tools, and dives into advanced AI concepts. Available now on Amazon and Leanpub. Transform how you code by integrating AI into your development process!

Hello, fellow developers!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new book, "The Augmented Developer: Code Smarter, Not Harder", now available on Amazon, Leanpub, and major online bookstores. This comprehensive guide is designed to empower your coding journey with the integration of AI technologies.

Why This Book?

In today's constantly shifting technology world, leveraging AI in software development is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. "The Augmented Developer" is designed to assist you in navigating this dynamic landscape by boosting your coding productivity and creativity using AI.

Just last year, I faced a daunting project deadline. Overwhelmed with the complexity, I integrated AI-powered coding assistants into my workflow (GitHub Copilot and others). The result? Not only did I meet the deadline, but the quality of work exceeded expectations. This experience inspired me to share these insights and tools through "The Augmented Developer."

This book represents a distillation of my experiences and knowledge I've acquired, all concentrated into a single, comprehensive guide.

What You'll Discover Inside:

Impact on Collaboration and Remote Work

Explore how AI enhances pair programming and transforms remote work, making coding more interactive and productive.

Master GitHub Copilot

Unpack everything about GitHub Copilot—from its AI foundations to its practical applications in coding. Learn how to set it up, understand its features, and start using it effectively in your projects.

Comprehensive Guide to AI Coding Assistants

Discover a wide array of AI coding tools such as Tabnine, DeepCode, fauxpilot, privy, aider, Devin, SWE-Agent, Codeium, Tabby, CodeGeeX, Amazon CodeWhisperer, AskCodi, Blackbox AI, and Bito. The book provides a detailed presentation and comparison of these tools, helping you understand their unique features and decide which tools best fit your development needs.

Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques For Developers

Master the art of crafting effective prompts with tools like GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs. Dive into techniques like Few-Shot Learning, Chain of Thoughts, and Tree of Thoughts for optimal AI outputs.

Build Custom AI Tools

Step-by-step guidance on using OpenAI APIs and tools like LangChain and Chroma to create your own AI-powered developer tools using techniques like RAG. Understand how low/now-code tools like DiFy, Flowise AI, and LLMStack work and how you can use them to boost your developer productivity.

Navigate Ethical and Technical Challenges

Gain a clear perspective on the implications and answer the most pressing questions about AI in coding. What's controversial about AI in coding? Can we really trust AI to write code? Will AI replace developers? And more.

Special Features of the Book:

  • Over 230 pages of insights and practical applications.
  • Hands-on tutorials and real-world examples.
  • Access to downloadable code snippets.

Grab Your Copy Today!

Embark on a journey to revolutionize your coding practices. Available now:
- Amazon Kindle Edition
- Amazon Paperback
- Leanpub PDF/EPUB

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I look forward to hearing how "The Augmented Developer" helps you enhance your coding skills and productivity!

Thank you for your support, and happy coding!

- Aymen El Amri, from FAUN

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