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A Magento 2 quote extension allows customers to request a quote for products or services they're interested in purchasing. This extension can be particularly useful for businesses that offer custom or bulk orders, as it allows customers to request a personalized quote rather than paying a fixed price.

With a Magento 2 quote extension, customers can easily add products to their quote request, specify quantities, and provide any additional information or requirements. Once the quote request is submitted, the merchant receives a notification and can review and respond to the request with a custom price quote.

This extension can help businesses streamline their sales process, as it eliminates the need for customers to negotiate prices via phone or email. It can also improve customer satisfaction by providing a transparent and flexible pricing model that meets their specific needs and budget.

By enabling clients to instantly get a product quote, you may increase user interaction and gather quality leads. The premium capabilities of the extension enable you to show the 'Add to Quote' button on particular categories so that clients can see the price estimates of several products at once. Customers who inquire about prices may also leave comments. The 'Add to Quote' button's text and background color can be customized.

Limit the 'Add to Quote' button based on customer groups. Additionally, you may choose to approve and respond to the appropriate quote requests by viewing them all in a single control panel. You may keep the admin and customers properly updated about changes to the requests using email settings.

Overall, a Magento 2 quote extension can be a valuable addition to any e-commerce store, providing an efficient and user-friendly way for customers to request custom or bulk orders and for merchants to respond with personalized quotes.


Basic Qualities

Simply and readily Request for Quote form: Manage requests and enable email notifications

Premium Options

Make a 'Add to Quote' button available for categories.

Add several items to a quote request.

The 'Add to Quote' button can be customized.

Limit Requests for Quotes by Customer Groups

The "Request for Quote" form's comments section Customers can access quote requests in their accounts.

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