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What is Git Version Control System

Introduction to version control systems and their importance in software developmentVersion control systems are a crucial tool for any software development project, large or small. They allow developers to track and manage changes to the source code of a project over time, making it easy to revert b..

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Version Control & Collaboration With Git & GitHub

Hello 👋 and welcome, I’m undergoing a refinery process with The Startup Intern. During this process, I’ll be provided with study resources and tasks that will help solidify my learning. On successful completion of this process, I’ll be assigned to an organization as a backend developer intern. Kindly check out The Startup Intern on their website or on Twitter to know more about them and what they do. 🤝



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Why should we care about Semantic versioning?

Semver is a specification outlining a method of encoding the nature of change between releases of a “public interface”,

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5 Ways to Configure a Monorepo for DevSecOps Efficiency

Monorepos—or the use of a single repository for every part of an application—have been around since before git was invented in 2005.

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GIT — Basic building blocks — Part 1

At present Git is the most used “version control system” in the world, at the same time, a misunderstood and mechanically used tool for many too.


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Host a static website on AWS under a minute with Terraform

If you have a static website and you want a simple solution, S3 and Cloudfront are great choices. Also, we will get an SSL certificate for our domain and it will be free.


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10 Github Extensions for VS Code that will ease your work 😀

Hello World😅! Let’s dive into something concerning open-source today once more.


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How to use Git & GitHub for Version Control

In the last post we created a simple authenticated website using Auth0 and RedwoodJS. Before we add more features to this project, it’s important to talk about version control.

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GitOps: This Is What You Need to Know - Part I

On a chilly November morning in 2020, it's GitOps Days, and we heard Alexis Richardson via Video Conferencing speak. Git allowed us to do Cloud-native development. It gave us the tooling for a distributed source control, continuous integration, container image distribution, and others.

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Must Know Git Commands for a Developer

Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner in Computer Science, you often have heard the words git and GitHub, as nowadays git has become a daily need in our life as a developer, and is widely used in the software industry.



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codiBeginner guide to get started with OPEN SOURCE

GitHub is the most popular platform for open source collaboration, so you’ll probably use it when exploring the world of OSS.

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Top 6 Considerations for Integrating Cloud Security and GitOps

Since the term was first coined in 2017, GitOps has provided a new operating model for developing, delivering, testing, and deploying cloud-native infrastructure.