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Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy


Anatomy (anatomē) is branch of Biology that has concern about the organism’s structure. The word of Anatomy comes from Greek words “ana” means up and “tome” means cutting. Key practice of medicine and other areas of health are to understand the Anatomy.

Why as a key? Anatomy reflects the real movement and helps to understand the concept of how our bodies (Human Anatomy) function. Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs are some part of human organs that are essential for survival (called : vital organs) . They works together with another organs to make human can do the activities, like breathing, walking, thinking or even sleeping.

When one or more human organs do not function properly, human will get sick even though still can do the other activity but it’s limited.

Same as human, Cyber Security Awareness is not just about Technology, there are more than one organ inside Cyber Security Awareness.

Let’s cut it up!

Inside Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy

As mentioned before, Cyber Security Awareness ain’t just about Technology, there are some organs that need to collaborate each other to make a normal lifecycle.


Technology is becoming a very crucial part in human life, driving human for a better life, but sometimes in a wrong direction. In Cyber Security Awareness, Technology is like a Brain.

Picture :

Brain is a command center, receiving and sending signals to other organs. More input makes the brain more nimble and accurate to respond to an action. Wealth of knowledge about technology bring Cyber Security Awareness to a better level of topic/material. The more we know, the more better we can choose/design an Awareness topic/material. Specially when we know more about the Effects or Risk for every Cybercrime cases or more techniques in Cyber Attack.


Human factor is the weakest link for threat actors to starting their attack. Why humans? One word to answer, fallible. Threat actors realize that exploiting humans feelings is easier than trying to start with machine. A lot of people do not spend their time to thinking and studying more about security.

Picture :

HRM (Human Resource Management) plays strategic role in managing people, including workplace culture. HRM is the closest approach to change human behavior into culture. In Cyber Security Awareness anatomy, HRM is like a heart. It’s a vital organ that pumps blood throughout humans body, including controls and maintains blood pressure when humans are feeling something. So, the right HRM approaches like training, maintain performance and rewarding can drives the human behavior in the right way specially for Cyber Security Awareness. It also cannot be separated with the right communication technique and the method of measurement.


Art can inspire humans to thinks from different perspectives. Art is everywhere, every time, influencing on a daily life even though we don’t realize it. Art takes another world where humans interpret everything by their emotions.

Art is the last vital organ in Cyber Security Awareness, the same function with Liver. It’s a very important organ in the metabolic system. Some functions of liver are helping convert nutrients and filters blood coming from the digestive tract through a vein before it joins venous blood flow from other parts of the body. So basically, art helps to convert the knowledge of technology using some kind of media to make humans more interested to change their behavior specially in Awareness of Cyber Security.

Art and technology nowadays become more effective in collaboration. Technology helps present art in a more attractive form, especially in today’s digital age. Art helps humans to use their emotions in receiving input to change their behavior.

This video is one sample of the collaboration between art and technology. Can you imagine if this video is converted to plain text with no picture on it and you need to read it?

Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy is not just applicable as an individual, but it will be better to used as a team or in an organization/company. There are a lot of teams/units inside an organization that can work together to fill in the Cyber Security Anatomy based on their specific role.

In this case, Technology brings the information about Cyber Security to become the material, HRM designs the training, communications and the measurements, then Art is wrapping it up to be presented to affect human emotions. It will be easier if it’s not an individual’s responsibility. Collaboration between organs is the key of Cyber Security Awareness.

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