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An Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities Methodologies

Overview Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities are common flaws in web applications today, but they are not always easy to find. With the continuous development of technology and the integration of various platforms, traditional authentication methods are gradually decreasing. The new authentication..

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A Summary of Fuzzing Tools and Dictionaries For Bug Bounty Hunters


Testing for vulnerabilities by manually entering input can be unmanageable. In these days and age where people have low levels of time and patience, the idea of ​​manually providing input to find bugs/holes in a target can be overwhelming.

To reduce this overwhelming problem and save time, fuzzing can be a big advantage. Fuzzing is an automated process where all the heavy lifting is handled by a fuzzing tool. All the analyst has to do is see the response, time, and status code when the process is complete.

Consider a site with many input fields to test for XSS. In the manual method, all we do is feed the XSS payload to the input field one by one, which is too unmanageable.

Fuzzing is the process or technique of sending multiple requests to a target website within a certain time interval. In other words, it is also similar to brute force.

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A Remote Code Execution in JXPath Library (CVE-2022-41852)

Secured JXPath Functions ↗ PoCUsing pathContext.setFunctions(new FunctionLibrary()); we replace the default with empty function library, so the exploit payloads mentioned above will not work. Sending one of the payloads will lead to JXPathFunctionNotFoundException.ConclusionIf your application is af..