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Improve your Software Development Process with Value Stream Mapping.

The final step is to use the information gathered and distinguish the different types of steps in the process. You distinguish the valued step from the rest at that step. With this information at hand, you can create measures of the processes that will serve as references.Value added task: product o..

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How to Get Started with Chaos Engineering? — Preparing for Major Disruption

When starting with Choas Engineering I recommend starting with the most critical scenarios (Severity 1) because they lead to the most improvement for your company. For instance, they force you to lay the foundation for incident response and incident management.Next are the steps you should follow to..

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How to Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity in Software Development?

Explore one of the most iconic Lean tools, namely the 5S method. 5S is a lean manufacturing improvement program that aims to organize the workplace to optimism its utility and reduce waste. You can very simply use the 5S approach to reorganize teams and projects more productively.