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Cloud Engineer, IBM

Do you want to embed a bit of IBM AI in your solutions?

If your answer is yes, the IBM “Build Lab” team (the team I’m part of) provides an end-to-end solution which make it easy to deploy and use a fully operational NLP solution in just an hour. And this solution could be used right away. But before doing that, maybe some introduction of what this automation provides to our DevOps engineers/SREs (or any other curious tech savvy) public.

Preamble — What is the Watson NLP and why it could interest you?

The “Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) Library for Embed” provides natural language processing functions for syntax analysis, and pre-trained models for a wide variety of text processing tasks, in a fully embeddable library.

The product page could be found here: https://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/program/embeddableai

Embed AI
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