Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications
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Takeaways from The State of Containers and Kubernetes Security


Securing containers and Kubernetes environments is a matter of grave concern for organizations that invested in cloud-native applications. These concerns have shaken the confidence of developer communities and organizations advocating the use of Kubernetes in production. Many organizations are already delaying production deployments of their applications to give app sec teams more time to test the waters.

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Terraform Security 101: Best Practices for Secure Infrastructure as Code


Deploying and managing cloud resources is faster and easier than ever, and we have infrastructure as code (IaC) to thank for it. With IaC, tedious manual configurations and one-off scripts are things of the past. Instead, you manage infrastructure with code in much the same way you would applications and services. This infrastructure can be anything from servers and databases to networks, Kubernetes clusters, and entire application stacks.

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The CIO’s Guide to Kubernetes and Eventual Transition to Cloud-Native Development


Cloud-native has emerged as the gold standard of software development, revolutionizing the way we develop, deploy, and operate software applications at scale. For non-starters, cloud-native development goes beyond just signing up for a cloud vendor and influences the design, implementation, deployment, and operation of your application.

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Kubernetes vs OpenShift: This Is What You Need To Know


Kubernetes is the most popular orchestration engine - on the other hand, OpenShift from Redhat is one of the most popular implementations of this orchestration engine.

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Three Kubernetes Success Stories to Inspire Your Next Application


"When you're entertaining more than 200 million people with your music streaming service, the stakes are a little higher than usual."