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Investing in Cloud Computing: Top 7 Stocks to Buy

With tech stocks on the rise, cloud computing stocks have shown significant growth. A Cloud computing stock in the right company is an asset today and in the future.

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Kind vs K3s


Kind and K3s are Kubernetes tools that leverage Docker containers to provide flexible and scalable Kubernetes distributions compared to their competitors. This article highlights the feature of both tools and the subtle difference between them.

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Xenilla Newsletter: The Developer's Reference for Everything Blockchain

We’re launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Blockchain ecosystem.

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GoPa, The Newsletter: Become a better Go developer

Announcing our coming-soon FAUN Topic for Gophers: GoPa. The newsletter about the Go programming language.

The Gopher's newsletter featuring must-read tutorials, news and libraries every week!
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From Abacus to Containers - A Brief History of Computing


We live in a world built by our collective ingenuity and imagination. We see further and more than our predecessors, not because of keener vision or greater heights but because we are standing on the shoulders of giants that came before us.
The Japanese word "sensei" literally means the person who came before.

From Abacus to Containers - A Brief History of Computing