Talk to me Nicely - How to Communicate Your Ideas And Speed up Your Career - Piotr Stawirej

Are you frustrated because your ideas about new tools, frameworks, practices are not picked up by your fellow developers? Do you notice flaws in organization and your manager doesn't want to listen to you? You don't know why your mate behaves way he does? Are you angry because your code review remarks are considered nitpicky? 85% of your success depends on emotions. For some people sooner for some people later the way they handle other people will be a blocker for further development not only as developer/manager but also as a human. It is most probably that this will impact your career (promotion or even job lost). I have seen this multiple times during my over 11 years career as software engineer and felt it on my own skin.

If you would like to get next level on your career path (of course connected with promotion and salary increase), this session is dedicated for You! I will show you entry point for fundamental techniques in handling people, ways to make people like you, win people to your way of thinking and how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment to give you another powerful tool to handle daily situations.


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