PID Loops And The Art of Keeping Systems Stable

My name is Colm, I'm an engineer at Amazon Web Services and I'm here to talk about PID loops and about how we use them to keep systems stable. I have a subtitle for this talk, which I went back and forth on whether I should give it or not, which is PID loops come from control theory. This is my third or fourth talk, different talk about control theory in the last year. Back in January, I did a workshop where we looked at control theory with a bunch of practitioners and academics who do formal verification of systems.

The conclusion I've reached in that year is that control theory is just an unbelievably rich vein of knowledge and expertise and insight into how to control systems, how to keep systems stable, which are very much part of what I do. I work at Amazon Web Services where we have all these cloud services, big distributed systems and keeping them live and running is obviously a very important task, and really digging into control theory, reading books about it, getting into the literature, talking to experts, it's like finding literally a hundred years of written-down expertise that just all applied to my field that we seem not to know about.


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