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Introduction to Valhar Finance: Our Vision.

At Valhar Finance, we’re creating a decentralized protocol on Ethereum blockchain to create funds or invest in them.

This platform will offer different funds/strategies created by fund managers, which any trader/investor can invest in. These investors will be able to research the funds and calculate their returns.

How does it work?

The system consists of two different types of profiles: a Fund Manager who creates a strategy and funds to start this, and an investor who decides to leave part of his liquidity in this strategy and invest in the fund. But… how do we make this safe for the investor without giving the Fund Manager full control?

Each strategy is a smart contract-wallet. This allows the investor to only delegate the activity in the previously selected tokens to the Fund Manager. In this way, the manager will not be able to invest all the capital in a token that was not previously established in the strategy contract.

Our Vision

Valhar proposes to create a hedge fund protocol allowing the investor not to cede total control of their assets to a third party, while maintaining transparency and access to them. And the Fund Manager will be able to access to increase his portfolio of investors and be able to generate returns with each profit generated for them.

Our main purpose is to be able to democratize finances and take trading to the next level.

What’s next

We are working hard to be able to perform platform initialization on testnet ASAP. The feedback of the users helps us at this stage, so.. join the community!

Our focus is initially on Spot Trading funds. Focused on opening a wide portfolio of funds and within these: strategies managed by managers.

What’s next after that?

— Futures
— Lending/Yield Farming.
—Limit and stop loss tools, to funds managers and investors.
— Connection with DeFi protocols.

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Valhar Finance

A decentralized hedge fund protocol. Create your own hedge fund or invest in one. Soon on Ethereum. 👾 Join our community:
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