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Transible — your way to “Infrastructure as Code” with Ansible.

Transible - the tool which converts you cloud to Ansible playbooks, now AWS EC2 and VPC are supported (in addition to Openstack).

Cloud resources management might be tough for big companies, small companies that start their cloud journey, or companies without much SRE and DevOps expertise, or even with it. Although there is no way to avoid working with clouds today, it’s never easy and cost management and vendor lock remain the most complicated problems.
Transible — a tool that makes life easier, by running it you get all your resources organized in Ansible playbooks and tasks and ready for deployment.

Find out unused resources in your cloud that eats money and save your costs

It happens often in big organizations, but small ones can have this problem too — multiple forgotten resources in the cloud that drain your money without bringing any value. Use Transible to discover all infrastructure resources you have and review if you need all of them. In case you discover unnecessary resources, just use the Transible code to delete them.

Start managing your cloud with infrastructure as code to adopt the best SRE and DevOps practices to prevent chaos and waste

Transible not only discovers your cloud resources, but also creates Ansible playbooks that describe your infrastructure and can be used in all your future work to manage it. The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of through manual processes. Without using IaC when you plan to deploy additional virtual machines, you should care about creating manually deployment and parameters file, orchestration files, and running manually the provision. In the case of IaC, you just write code, distribute it and use tools like Ansible to run it and provision your infrastructure. Unlike Terraform, Ansible has an imperative approach and can be used both for provisioning and post-install configuration. Use playbooks generated by Transible for easier management and full automation of your cloud.

Automation of cloud provision

Automation is the wet dream of any IT organization. It’s well known you need to automate things and it will speed up your work significantly, but it’s also well known that automating things takes time, which you don’t have because you don’t use automation… To break this vicious circle in clouds, use Transible which will generate an automated playbook for you at once, and since then all you need to do is just change the code there to maintain your infrastructure, automation is done!

Backup your infrastructure

What happens if things are broken, deleted unintentionally, or even worse — intentionally? Always worth having a backup for infrastructure. Though because it’s very expensive to have a real backup, which will duplicate resources and cost, it’s possible to have a backup in code. “Encoded” resources of IaC will serve you whatever happens with your cloud — you can always restore them easily as if nothing happened. Use Transible to generate the IaC code for you and you’ve got your backup for free!

Reproduce your infrastructure (for testing purposes for example)

It’s a common case to duplicate your infrastructure for staging and testing purposes. For example, you would like to test how your resources behave without breaking your production and you should recreate the whole environment as close to production as possible. Use Transible to generate a deployment code for you and just run it on a different environment to duplicate what you have.

How about to move your infrastructure to a different region, zone, or cloud provider?

If you ever thought to move your whole infrastructure like virtual machines, storage, etc to a different region, or even cloud provider, you know how difficult it is.
Deploying to a different region or different cloud provider, like transferring resources from AWS to Azure, from Azure to Openstack is going to be much more challenging and this feature is currently under heavy development in Transible.

How to use Transible?

It’s just simple as it is:

git clone

# For AWS (make sure you have your credentials in ~/.aws/config) so far EC2 and VPC services are supported.
./ --from aws --to ansible

# For Openstack (make sure you have your ~/.config/openstack/clouds.yaml)
./ --os-cloud my-cloud-name --from openstack --to ansible

And find your playbooks in a ‘aws_generated_playbooks’ directory for AWS or ‘os_generated_playbooks’ for Openstack. See the demo:


Please report any feature requests or bugs in Github repo:

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