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Agile: So you want to go fast and make lots of mistakes, do you?

As I sat down on my first Agile workshop I was sceptical if this was going to be another waste of time to try to engage us; as opposed to real value delivered.

When I hear we were doing a Paper Scissors tournament I knew I was right.

The brilliant Frank Amankwah who was leading the workshop asked for any people with project management and asked two of them to organize the contest as they saw it fit to have a final in 10 minutes.

It was easy and natural to them, they started by splitting the room in two and organizing the best against the best (most logical) in an almost orderly manner we came 4 minutes outside the time between a little above 30 people.

Next, we had no Product Managers, we would organize ourselves and the goal was the same.

The result? We finished in 7 minutes and the level of noise and energy was totally different, we were pumped!!

First lessons, people will work quicker and happier when they are let to figure it out by themselves and love autonomy and games, welcome to Agile thinking.

What stroke me as surprising was Agile isn’t about doing, it’s about being....... Check out for the entire story;

So what is Agile?

Agile is a mindset, it’s a mindset not just of the developers but of the organization where these people are inserted. Decisions come from above and are influenced from below. What do you think?

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