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Resize an Azure VM




Before resizing the VM in Azure, let’s look into the Microsoft Virtual machines selector tool to find the right VMs for our needs and budget.

It gives us great insight with the below options:

Find VMs by workload type

Find VMs by OS and software

Find VMs by deployment region

You can ref this link for more -

Also, if you are not aware what size to select then refer the below table for available sizes in Azure.

Resize the VM from Azure Portal

Login into Azure Portal

Go to Virtual Machines page

Open the VM which we want to resize

Click the Size in left menu

Pick a new size from the list of available sizes as per your requirement and then select Resize

Verify the size

Open the VM and check the Size

Done. Our VM size is increased to Standard B2ms and got 8 GiB memory

Note: If the virtual machine is currently running, changing its size will cause it to be restarted.

If our VM is still running and we don't see the size we want in the list, stopping the virtual machine may reveal more sizes.

Stop and delete


Next, Delete

Done. Deleted.


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