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Mia-Platform is sponsoring at KCD London on the 22nd -23rd November

Mia-Platform is sponsoring Kubernetes Community Days as it returns to the UK 2022 and is taking place in-person at CodeNode, London on 22nd and 23rd November where we will be showcasing our capabilities and some of our open-source projects.

This event brings together the cloud native community from across the UK to learn, network and collaborate. Kubernetes Community Days UK is supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and organised by community group leaders. Tickets are now on-sale.

Mia-Platform are running a workshop on the 23rd at 9:25 - -
Open Source Security Enforcement over your APIs

The workshop you will see how to protect your APIs (by writing security policies) using Rond (Mia-Platforms open source microservice). The basic idea is to take an existing application and protect it without changing its codebase in any way.

In this workshop we will start from a (completely unprotected) service that returns data and on this we will write policies to authorize (or not) requests, to apply additional filters (in order to find a subset of data from the database) and to remove from the data in response some sensitive information.

To do this we will use Rond, and since Rond is agnostic it can be used on any service written in any language without altering the source code, ideal for not introducing single points of failure (using the Sidecar container approach) and using OPA (OpenPolicy Agent) and Rego, its policy programming language.

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